As part of our core values Rescue Sports Foundation firmly believe in working together with same organizations that share our vision, mission and believes to advance the spread of the Gospel of Christ in all Nations of the Earth through the vehicle of Sports Ministry. We will be glad to join hands together with you to make Jesus Christ known to all humankind. Sports is a universal language today and a mission field for the Church to proclaim Jesus Christ Lord and Savoir to the perishing world.

You’re Welcome.

Can you please assist us with any of these needs?
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Rescue Sports Foundation Outreach

Wheel Chair Racing

  1. Racing Wheel Chairs
  2. Everyday Wheel Chair
  3. Racing tyres back wheel
  4. Racing tyres front wheel
  5. Racing Board Rim (coroma board rim and zip board rim) front and back
  6. Everyday wheel tyres (24 x 138, 26 x 138)
  7. Everyday wheel chair tyres tubes (24 x 138, 26 x 138)
  8. Pumps
  9. Medicine balls, all sizes
  10. Wheel chair racing hand gloves
  11. Jerseys

Track and Field for Wheelchair Team

  1. Javelin
  2. Discus
  3. Shot Put
  4. Sitting Chairs for Javelin/Shot Put throws
  5. Athletic rope
  6. Roller for Stomach training
  7. Scales for weight checking
  8. Cones
RSF Sports Evangelism: Bible and Tools


  1. Jerseys
  2. Nets and Stand
  3. Racquet
  4. Shuttlecock
  5. Badminton Wheel Chairs
  6. Sneakers
  7. Cones

Wheelchair Tennis

  1. Tennis racquet
  2. Tennis balls
  3. Cones
  4. Sneakers

Wheel Chair Softball

  1. Softball wheel chair, tyres and tubes
  2. Softball bats and balls
  3. Cones
  4. Jerseys
  5. Sneakers

Wheel Chair Basketball

  1. Wheel Chairs
  2. Wheel Chair tyres
  3. Tubes
  4. Balls
  5. Jerseys
  6. Sneakers
  7. Cones
  8. Pumps


  1. Para Power lifting bench
  2. Olympic bar bell and lock
  3. Weight from 50kg to 0.5kg pair
  4. Para Power lifting bench belt
  5. Down bells
  6. Wrist belts
  7. Waist belt
  8. Supplements

Blind Team

  1. Goalball Ball
  2. Showdown ball
  3. Goalfix eclipse

Soccer Equipment’s  for Church and Juvenile League Teams

  1. Referee Attire (e.g. Boots, Whistles, Cards, Splash)
  2. Footballs (sizes 4 and sizes 5), Bills, Cones, Markers
  3. Football boots, Set Jerseys, Stocklings, Stocks, Holes, Shin guards, Inners, Sports bags, Anklet, Knee Caps, Travel Bags.
  4. Coaches’ Equipment-Magnetic board, Soccer books, Video Camera, Laptops. Cap, Wrist Watch, Boots, Attire, Jacket, Bags, Stop Watch
  5. Goal Posts Net, Office and Store room


  1. Kits
  2. Jersey (Men and Women)
  3. Training Tools ( Cones)
  4. Socks
  5. Nets for Post
  6. Gloves for Keepers

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For any further information kindly click here to contact us or call phone number below.

Email: info@rescuesportsfoundation.com
Phone: +233 244 654 359
Office of the Rescue Sports Foundation.
Director – Coach Benjamin Annor.
Thank you.

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