Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to share the Love of God and disciple sport world through the vehicle of sports Evangelism

Mission Statement

Rescue Sports Foundation is committed to equipping believers to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with unlimited children through sports ministry.

Guiding Principles

To achieve our mission with a Christ-like attitude, RSF is committed to:

  • Using ever-changing ways to share a never changing message
  • Promoting and protecting the mission of RSF through sound stewardship of all resources
  • Working together as a unified team to be a first-class, organized, and detailed evangelistic ministry
  • Always viewing conflicts as ministry opportunities
  • Reaching beyond denominational and cultural boundaries to encourage Kingdom Growth
  • Developing participants to share the love of Christ in and beyond RSF

Core Values

RSF sports programs are designed to provide evangelical churches the opportunity to use sports as ministry to kindergarten – Senior High School. Ministry involves building the self-esteem of every child, teaching every child godly character through the person of Jesus Christ, and sharing with every child the need for salvation. To ensure that our mission is accomplished, the following core values are essential to every RSF program: 

Sharing the need for Salvation with every child.

In order to accomplish this, each RSF Program will:

  • Provide a prayer ministry with 100 days of prayer, which concludes on RSF Night
  • Conduct devotions during each practice
  • Incorporate scripture learning into each practice
  • Conduct an Awards Celebration that includes the presentation of the gospel
  • Provide a Bible to every child participating (provided by RSF)
  • Conduct a halftime devotion or testimony at each ballgame

Teaching every child godly Character through the person of Jesus Christ. In order to accomplish this, each RSF Program will:

  • Incorporate emphasis on the white star as a reminder to every child that the character of Christ is worth following
  • Govern play with Rules Unique to RSF that promote lessons beyond the game itself
  • Building the Self-esteem of every child. In order to accomplish this, each RSF program will:
  • Recognize every child after each ballgame with a game day star
  • Conduct Coach and Referee Training to educate our most important volunteers as to how they blend sports and ministry
  • Provide an End of the Season Award to every child (provided by RSF)
  • Register every child as an individual, instead of in teams
  • Conduct evaluations and draft teams using the RSF Multi-Sport computer program
  • Use the RSF Substitution System to create equal playing time and foster equal opportunity for improvement
  • Not keep division standings
  • Not conduct post-season tournaments or crown league/division champions
  • Institute regulations to protect the safety of every child and spectator

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