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 Annual Orphanage Kids and Teen Games:

It’s a variety of creative sporting activities expected to bring together kids, tweens, teens and adults in families, playing together. Orphanage games stretches its arms to include variety of people in communities, such as orphans, the homeless, under-privileged and both the “haves” and the “have-nots”. It further aim at promoting inclusion, healthy lifestyle, involvement, partnership, initial bonding among families, while at the same time transforming children and communities as a whole.

Not only that, it also create the avenue and the platform through sports for children from all walks of life, and for that matter, families, who care for kids in orphanages, to come together and play, socialise, share love, and laugh and have fun. While at the same time creating the opportunity to learn from adults and experience people who will share encouraging and motivating words with the kids. It is also expected that the opportunity will be utilised to support bridge the relationship gap between kids with their families and kids in orphanages.

Justification Orphanage Games

Many orphanage homes could be liken to boarding houses, camps and hostels where children are kept for long hours without much socialization with the outside world. Visitation from charitable organisations and individuals are infrequent and mostly during occasions, such as festivities. These vulnerable and disadvantaged children are most often “forgotten” in our daily social, community and family interactions. Visits to these orphanages always show that the children yearn for affection, deep care and love; they want to interact, they want to mingle, they want to be loved and appreciated; they desire to belong, and one of the most creative ways, of meeting the need of these children is through sporting activities.

Objectives Orphanage Games

  • To promote the moral and social wellbeing of children, tweens, teens, and adults in our communities.   
  • To attract through sports and games, street children who do not attend school to mingle with other people and appreciate the value of education.
  • To promote friendship and love among children, especially children organizations like NGO’S, Orphanage, Churches Children Ministries and School Children.
  • To create unity among children from different family, cultural background and homes.
  • To create platforms whereby children from rich homes can associate with the less privileged children.
  • Introduce sports as an effective ministry for training and teaching children and community groups
  • To positively promote the attitude of friendliness and belongingness using sportingactivities, such as Kids Games, among families, towns, and communities.


 Outcome Orphanage Games

  1. Improved lives for young people

2. New knowledge and increased skills.

3. Changed attitudes and values.

4. Changed and modified behavior.

5. Improved physical and emotional condition


Church League

History : The Church league begun as part of an initiative by the Rescue Sports Foundation in close partnership with the Ghana Sports Coalition to see churches, most of whom have partial engagements in sports, play a completive league. Over the past 5 years we have run 2 successful leagues in close collaboration with the registered churches with major sponsorships from corporate organizations such as Unilever, Latex Form and Ghana Sports Authority among others.

We have developed a unique working relationship with churches, we run a unique point awarding system quite different from what is run in the traditional football leagues, and we use the platform of the events to run several community campaigns. These community campaigns where we intentionally touch the lives of young men and women through leadership trainings, orphanage activities, sanitation and health campaigns and disciple-making are the main reasons why we do the games. We strongly believe that this is and would forever remain the DNA of the church league programme.

Church League: The Church League Programme is a flagship initiative by Rescue Sports. This programme aims at taking a giant step into the lives of professional football players, people who play sports for recreation and others who are seriously engaged on a non-professional basis The Church League is NOT an official FIFA event. The laws and regulations governing the running of the Church League programme is in essential agreement with the laws and regulations stipulated in the official Laws & Regulations document published by FIFA.

The Church League exists to:

Church Sports League in Action
  1. Resource the local church with the tools needed to properly run a sports ministry
  2. Serve as a ground where churches develop physically, spiritually and emotionally
  3. Strategize through healthy competition, and provide a platform where churches can work together and Strategize,
  4. Encourage churches and their teams to get involved in fully implementing the Ubabalo programme and to take a personal interest in sports people within their communities.
  5. Make church effective outside the 4walls
  6. Use sports for discipleship
  7. To provide a weekend of great football for Church based teams from around the country.


Juvenile Community League:  Through this program coaches are trained as “Life Coaches” to fill the role as mentors and role models for the players in their teams. Not only that, they are in the position to validate their potential, establish authority, confer identity, and provide a level of security to each of their players. The life coaches help note only the physical development of their teams but their spiritual, psychological and social development.

Aim: Resource the local juvenile teams in our communities with the sports equipment needed to properly run football clubs/academies. Educate issues in the communities like Health and Wellness, Sanitation, Drug Abuse, Discipline, Good Moral Behavior, Child Right and Importance of Education etc.

Juvenile League Main Activities

In collaboration with our partners, the league offers the following activities:

  1. Application for League Participation
  2. Application to Rescue Sports Life Coaches Association
  3. Acceptance Process: Coaches/Team and Players Registrations
  4. Life Coaching Training for Teams Coaches
  5. Season Juvenile League Launching
  6. Juvenile League Commencement


Rescue Sports Academy:

Rescue Sports Academy ( Education, Football Talent and Spiritual Development)


1.Identification and development of sports Talents.

2. Helping educate young people with sports Talent.

3. Character building.

4. To help the young ones to attain Spiritual maturation

AGE RANG:  13 – 15 years

Residential and Non Residential

Academy Season: Our Academy season start from August to July

Player Recruitment is done during Juvenile League Season

Player Registration is done in June/August and Academy starts in August and continues throughout the year.

Trainings are done on weekdays. It starts at 3.30 till 5.50 pm prompt.

Residential Players – Fridays – 4pm Arrival – Sundays, Time: 4pm Departure

Sports Camp:UBANTU” Sports Camp” Means “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE”

Our camps is deign for people to span a day, a couple days (e.g. weekends ending Sunday morning) or weekly camps. We give campers, especially those who come from abroad an opportunity to do missions in Ghana and in the sub-region. They will have the opportunity of serving in the sports missions’ field, the local churches, street children and communities all over the country.

Camp Purpose: The goal is to find, raise and mentor the next generation of leaders. Critical subjects such as corruption, sexuality, cleanliness would be explored in a godly manner. Coaching Clinics for Kids with a Godly focus. They learn to play but are led to develop vital life skills and understand biblical values. Coaching in sports such as: Soccer, Basket ball, Tennis and Table tennis. They learn and know the truth and be in a better position to find a good church to attend.

Our Sports Camp is focused on providing football players the opportunity to play and compete in a fun, safe and positive environment. This is realized through developing techniques and skills including: Discovery Time, Fun games, Experiential Learning Games and Competition.

Sports Leadership Training:


SPORTS: On the field training

We trained and equip leaders and mission agencies and individuals who are passionate about using sports as an evangelistic tool and discipleship. In collaboration with the International sports coalition, we provide vital resources and high level training for church leaders, Christian coaches and organizations interested in reaching their communities and deepening member participation.

Training Models:

Coaching for life (Ubabalo)

Level 1 Training (ISLT)

Level 2 Training (ISLT)

CYCAS -TOT 1, 2 (Kids Games)

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