Softball Training

Report on Softball Training with Rescue Sports Team.

Date held: 27 November 2020.

Venue: Asofia C.P.C. Church Park

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Total Number of sports boys – 40

Coaches present – 2

Secretary of the Association

Names of Coaches/Executive Present

Coach Benjamin Annor

Coach …………….


One of the playing Boy said an opening prayer to begins the training session. Coach Benjamin then introduced the names of various sports kids to the team players. The Softball Team Players began on the field. They were taught how to throw and bat ball. The kid keep up the learning skill very far. And the training lasted for a period of One hour. After the training sessions, the (Kids) sports boys were all refreshments and set books were givien to each one of them as gift.  After all the excitement, training  and learning how to throw and bat softballs on the field, the training came to end a group picture was taken.


The softball boys were very excited and most of them are willing to move from soccer to join softball.

Closing prayer

Closing prayer by Coach Benjamin Annor.

Recorded By James Oppong – Secretary  

Coach Ben : Softball Training With the Kids
Some Kids at the Softball Training With RSF Coaches
Some Kids at the Softball Training With RSF Coaches

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