The Unexpected

Miss Millicent Kyeremaa Story

The movement of every creature is manipulated by all aspects of its body. Moving about our daily activities, we are confronted with lots of experiences and incidents with most being appealing and others appalling to our hearing. Sharing some of these life situations comes a young, beautiful, hardworking, and energetic woman and a mother of one who became disabled unexpectedly on 24 December 2016.

Miss Millicent Kyeremaa

Miss Millicent Kyeremaa, a 35-year-old and the mother of Bertrice Nyarko, is the last born of her parents. Miss Millicent Kyeremaa was a self-employed trader who sold salt at a place called Res Cross, a market place  in Kumasi out of which she was able to cater for herself and her only daughter who was in Primary 6.  

On 24 December 2016 at exactly 3:00 pm, an inexplicably unexpected incident occurred. At exactly 3:00 pm, she decided to close from work so she called her daughter to prepare food since it was a season of feast and she was celebrating with her only daughter. Covering her salt to close work before going back home was a daily routine for her. First, she covered it with rubber and the next thing was to wrap the entire salt with a rope. So after moving the rope around for the first and second time, she is about to do it the third time, suddenly she felt weak, dizzy, and decided to sit down.

A few minutes later, she saw her sister from a distance walking towards her. She has been nervous upon seeing her sister in distress quickly rush to help her sister out.  Her sister bought water for her to drink to relieve the dizziness but to avail and quickly rushed to get her mashed kenkey to drink since they thought she might be hungry. Miss Millicent suddenly started panting, finding it difficult to breathe, and assumed it was the food she ate. She also felt a burning sensation from the tips of her fingers, towards her lower limbs (both arms).  She felt numb and stiffened.

She was rushed to hospital, but on their way inside the vehicle the creeping burning sensation persisted so she informed her sister to use the cloth duster of the driver to tie around her arms to prevent it from reaching her upper limbs. Without hesitation, her sister wrapped the upper arm with the duster.

At arrival in the hospital, she was immediately given seven drips. Also, her arms were folded and upon examination, she was diagnosed with diabetes. After six days she was discharged from the hospital, but her lower limbs began to rot.

Left with no option at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), both lower limbs were amputated for her to save her life so she may live.

After all this she said “my greatest worries is “Who is going to help me bathe, dress up, eat, sell my salt, and as a woman, what am I going to do during my menstruation”. She continued in agony, “With a lot going through my mind I thought of committing suicide but in all, I knew there is a God who will help me through”. I thank Rescue Sports Foundation for introducing to Jesus who I have accepted as my personal Lord and Savoir. I have never regretted of having Jesus Christ in my life. He is all I have today.

Her daughter, who is currently out of school, helps her mother in all activities of daily living. In the quest to participate in activities of daily living and allow her daughter to continue with her education, she is now faced with the challenge of raising GH₵ 40,000, which will help her acquire an electronic orthopedic limb for both arms.

To live an independent life; not relying on individuals organizations and institutions for her daily survival, with hopes, she wishes to own a provision shop which will enable her to earn a living as she used.

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Miss Millicent Kyeremaa

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