Sport as an activity involving physical exertion is as old as humanity itself. It keeps societies fit and healthy while building strong communities and boosting morale. Promoting sports, inspiring young athletes, and increasing healthy competition will help individuals and communities to flourish. In achieving this, there is the need for sportsmen and women to acquaint themselves with current sporting issues, and in doing so; they will be abreast with current sporting behaviors and attitudes. This cannot be achieved without organizing workshops involving the words of Almighty God. This is why Rescue Sports Foundation in collaboration with the Association of Para-Athletics and Powerlifters and the Ghana Blind Sports Association organized two days workshop for its sportsmen and women on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October 2020. This workshop was held at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium (RFA Office Hall).

Objectives of the workshop

  1. To introduce all ability sports to participants of Para-Athletics, Powerlifting and Ghana Blind Sports Association.
  2. To transform the lives of disabled sportsmen and women who participate in para-athletics and powerlifting and blind through the word of God for them to realize the purpose of God in their daily sporting activities.

Day One of the Workshop

With 18 sportsmen and women present on the first day and as scheduled, the first day’s activity begun at exactly 11:00 am of which it ended at exactly 2:00 pm. Coach Benjamin Annor took the participants through topics such as Vision Casing All Ability Sports and Sports and Play for Players with Visual Impairment. All participants were involved in various discussions, answering and asking questions on the various topics. By the end of the day most of them expressed their excitement  on the first day of the workshop.

Day Two of the Workshop

On day two, activities begun at exactly 10:00 am of which it ended at exactly 2:00 pm. 23 participants were present on the second day. On this day, participants were taken through two topics namely Theology of Disability and Introduction of Paralympic Classification. Unlike the first day, participants actively engaged in discussions, writing some tests or examinations: which was aimed at assessing their knowledge on current issues and how technology is taking over everything in this world, asking and answering questions. All participants were excited and encouraged by the topics and the words from Coach Benjamin annor.


The projector available for the workshop was uneffective throughout the second day of the workshop. This made it difficult for the facilitator to view videos and pictures for participants available.


  1. According to the participants, all examples were mentioned as expected.
  2. According to the participants, their attitudes, behavior, and actions towards each other have positively changed after the workshop.
  3. Not all topics were covered due to lateness on the part of the participants.
  4. The attendance of the participants was amazing.


  1. Since the workshop has been helpful to the participants and their associations, it has been recommended by participants that, more workshops should be organized.
  2. It has been recommended that lateness should be avoided for the facilitator to exhaust all topics.


Since workshop in sports, boosts the morale of sportsmen and women thereby making them fit and healthy and building strong relationships towards each other, there will be the need for more workshops to be organized for disabled sportsmen and women in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.  Rescue Sports Foundation believes this will draw all disabled sportsmen and women who participate in workshops to Christ.

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Coach Ben: Workshop on Sports Outreach with Disabilities Sports Team
Participant of Workshop on Sports Outreach
Participant of Workshop on Sports Outreach

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