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Asare Mintah Ebenezer Story

I am Asare Mintah Ebenezer, 42 years and from Akuapem Mampong, I always go  about my duties as a carpenter, I fed my family the way I always wanted, hanged around with my family, and friends but the unfortunate happened gradually all because of my work.

In Ghana, certain precautions are not well recognized at our workplaces. As a carpenter (wood engineer), you are to observe certain precautions such as wearing spectacles, protective clothes, and proper ways of handling wood. I only completed JHS but as a carpenter, I enjoyed my work very well and I made flames, cabinet, bed, wardrobe, and kitchen cabinet but I became visually impaired because I wore my spectacles.

When I started losing my vision, I thought it is because of the bicycle I always rode to work. But those words from my father “if I realize there are pains in my eye, I should quickly go to the Hospital. My son, I do not have anything against you, but all I can say is, go to the hospital anytime you begin to feel pains in your eyes” made me remember that there are about two or three people in my family who are also visually impaired. I immediately began to seek medical aid and also visited numerous prayer camps but eventually,  I realized I have lost my sight. I told my wife and children that, they should have a closer look at my walking’s and within a twinkle of an eye, we all begun to cry.

As a visually impaired father, I could not sit in the house for them to go hungry so, I have to look for job to go work. On my way to the house one day after work, I fell into a pit, and I did not even know the hand that took me out of the pit. I had to call my friend to help me get to the house.

It’s been years now since I lost my sight. I’m now selling water in my house so I can earn some income to cater for myself and my family.

Rescue Sports Foundation have assisted me in many ways, I’m grateful to God for connecting to Rescue Sports Foundation, They led me to find Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savoir. Today inspect of my condition I know I have eternal life and one day I will meet and see Jesus face to face.

Mr. Asare Mintah Ebenezer

Asare Mintah Ebenezer

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