Para Athletics and Power Lifting

Report on a Float by Association of Para Athletics and Power Lifting, Ashanti Region.


The Association of Para Athletics and Power Lifting, Ashanti Region on the road map in launching and celebrating the first anniversary of My Testimony (M’dansedie), there was the need to go on a float the streets within the Kumasi Metropolis in the Ashanti region of Ghana. My Testimony is an educative, motivational, and encouraging radio reality show specially designed for ‘Persons with Disability’, with the mission of empowering both disabled persons and non-disabled persons and assuring the broken-hearted, less privileged, and the outcast that all hope is not lost. Given this, the float was organized with the theme: “HOPE FOR ALL DISABILITIES”.

Objectives of the float

  1. To make the entire Ashanti Region and Ghana aware of the Association.
  2. To inform the entire Ashanti Region and Ghana about the associations’ challenges, needs, and displeasure in the para-sports in Ghana.
  3. To inform all sundry that, they are cordially invited to the launching of the association on 21st November.

On the day of the float

Assembled at the forecourt of the Baba Yara Sports Stadium at exactly 8:00 am were sportsmen and women from Para-athletics, powerlifting, and Ghana blind sport. A total of 25 sportsmen and women were present at 8:00 am. In attendance were executives of the associations, the Ghana ambulance service (Baba Yara Stadium), coaches of associations, a media house (Angel FM), Four young ladies, and a gentle (traffic director).

At exactly 9:00 am, the float team was on its way to float through the streets of Kumasi. The float begun at the forecourt of Baba Yara Sports Stadium at 11:00 am, the team was halfway in the float. With many sports, men and women exhausted as at exactly 12:30 pm, the float team was about ending its journey. The float ended peacefully and with a lot of excitement at exactly 1:00 pm with all team members present at the forecourt of Baba Yara Sports Stadium.

(Photos) Attached is the route for the float

Unpredicted Moments

  1. There were smiles on the faces of most people when they heard about the association and its accomplishments.
  2. There were donations from most people especially store owners, and drivers.
  3. Media houses who were invited to the float disappointed the association for not showing up to participate in the event.  


  1. Most drivers were not ready to pave the way and stop for the float team to continue their journey.
  2. Carriage and P.A system was not ready as of 8:00 because no one was ready to provide the team with a P.A system and transport.
  3. At the initial stage of planning and organizing of float and on the day of the float, most people especially sportsmen and women were not ready to assist the executives thereby making work tedious for the organizers.
  4. The float could not begin on time due to lateness.
  5. The association could not afford the buying and printing of t-shit because of insufficient funds.


According to reports from all those participated in the floating event, the event was successful and the association is now begin to known in some environ in the Ashanti Region.


  1. It has been recommended that there should be fundraising event by the Association towards next event to embark on a float in the Kumasi Environ.
  2. It has been recommended that there should be a sharing of duties (division of Labor) at the next such event when organized by the Association.


In conclusion, the float was successful and everybody in the team give thank to the almighty God for his guidance.

Kindly find attached some images below.

Thank you.

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